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Ed Evans saves one homicide victim's mother from Orange County Probate Department fraud. Ed Evans on biohazard cleanup education and a partial answer to a big question: What is crime? A suicide cleanup followed by a trauma cleanup event follows with commentary on social harm and ecological Harm.

My bloodborne pathogen page has more specific information related to biohazard risks from huma blood.


Biohazard Cleanup Narrative by Eddie Evans

You are not alone. Call Ed Evans now.

I'm currently working on a crime scene cleanup web site for Cypress. It serves those in need of less expensive biohazard cleanup services. Also find my bloodborne pathogens narrative page for information related to blood caused diseases.

If you have followed Ed Evans and his fight again's Orange County Government fraud, then you may have an interest in knowing about a recent event. Ed Evans had an opportunity to save one family from our county's cronyism.

Ed Evans Saves Homicide Victims' Mother from County Employee

In brief, a mother's son died of a gunshot wound. This homicide was not accidental, but criminal homicide. Because of property issues, and because the homicide victim's only relative, his mother, lived out of state, an Orange County court stepped in to ensure someone managed affairs properly.

As a result, an Orange County Administrator "Investigator" took charge. Promptly, he set out to squeeze all he could out of this poor woman. Go to this crime scene cleanup page.

Ed Evans on Biohazard Cleanup Education

Eddie Evans, also known as Ed Evans, uses both names to help clients find him on the Internet. He might be considered a national Internet marketer for biohazard cleanup, at least in his earlier years. Now he advocates for an Ebola School.

Ed Evans learned these skills when he realized our government employees practice fraud against crime scene death victim's families. Ed Evans found this fraud also applied to fraud against suicide victims and families suffering from the loss of a loved one to an unattended death. Because unattended deaths often lead to decomposition beyond recognition, coroner, medical, and administrator investigators become involved. Ed Evans simply put 1 and 1 together when his hundreds of Orange County, California web pages generated less than 1 telephone call for his biohazard cleanup company, Biosafe.


"Suspicion of cronyism between California biohazard cleanup companies and local government employees took a while to grow," Ed Evans has stated elsewhere. Of course it took Ed Evans a while to become suspicious of cronyism in biohazard cleanup business. He had plenty of opportunity to become suspicious. In fact, biohazard cleanup owners called Ed Evans for cleaning advice as well as business advice. He received telephone calls from fire fighters, sheriff's deputies, court clerks, retired military, and many others who claim to have some sort of contact with those administering for after death guardian duties. That is, people in our corners' departments, medical examiners' departments, and county administrators' departments were selling information to biohazard cleanup companies, both old and new.

The last such caller was very rude and Ed Evans claims that he didn't think much of her attitude. He captured her telephone number on on his cell phone and called the number back shortly after she called. It turned out that she called from a Santa Barbara court building. This was a general telephone number and did not lead back to a single desk.

Others callers include callers from Orange County, Fresno, and San Francisco, California; Atlanta and Augusta Georgia; Baltimore, Maryland; Phoenix, Denver and many other cities. For years Ed Evans has dealt with callers intent on sharing their lucrative contact with local government employees.

Years have passed since Ed Evans began watching an interesting Internet phenomena occur. It was like somebody turned down a light switch across the Internet in the United States for biohazard cleanup companies. Around 20005 he had over 1800 web sites throughout the United States. He used these to refer callers to trusted companies. He later used these as a subscription service to take his telephone number out of the biohazard cleanup business nationwide.

Now Ed Evans says, "My domains continue to dwindle in number and will continue to do so. My business is biohazard cleanup, not playing biohazard cleanup dispatcher or biohazard cleanup broker." In this way it became easier for the public to find help nationwide.

Then, Bingo. It was like biohazard cleanup calls stopped coming. Ed Evans knew something terrible had happened. County employees had monopolized biohazard cleanup coast-to-coast. Not just county employees, but civil servants went into the biohazard cleanup referral business as well as starting their own biohazard cleanup companies. I'll continue to repeat this line of thinking for the benefit of those confused by my writing.

I suppose I should say that the lights dim mightily. Because now I received the review calls for biohazard cleanup work. Now my first response would be to ask that competition to cut in on the number of calls, which I'm certain that occur. How ever, I have made very focus marketing a chance adding creasing different cities biohazard cleanup calls. As a result you of these duties have shown much of an increase. This leads me to believe that there's hanky-panky going on.


what can then studied more than anything a bout local government corruption and referrals to buy a hazard cleanup companies, groove from the number of telephone calls I received from citizens concerned about the prices they were charged for biohazard cleanup. I soon learned that citizens who were charged extreme amounts for biohazard cleanup had usually been referred by local government employees to biohazard cleanup companies. In fact, this very September 24, 2010 I cleaned a residence for a lady who received such a call from an orange County public administrator investigator by the name of Bob. I imagine his name because it's in the public record and on a public document that he handed to this lady.

This potential victim of an Orange County administrator brought had been quoted $5000-$10,000 for a one hour clean up. The truth is it to two hours to clean and I did it for nothing. I did it for nothing because this lady shared her information with. You see, our Orange County department supervisors preferred to deny that their employees were abusing their public trust.

All I can say is that if the reader believes and circumstantial evidence, no find plenty of evidence on the Internet. Simply do a search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Seek orange county blood cleanup, orange county death cleanup, crime scene cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, decomposition cleanup, trauma cleanup, and many other key terms for biohazard cleanup. I want people to understand that Ed Evans is available for orange county biohazard cleanup any day any our.

Ed Evans will beat his competition's prices for biohazard cleanup at least 99% of the time. How can Ed Evans say, "I, Ed Evans, offer the lowest biohazard cleanup prices in California." how can edit Evans offers a low prices, it's easy when you're self-employed. started business as a self-employed, professional cleaner.

Reasonable Rates - Most homeowners' insurance policies will often cover my expenses if needed. Call at any hour, any day. We are here to help. Our cleaning experience includes military trauma cleanup, crime scene cleanup, and filthy house cleaning. We are compassionate and discreet, and will help reduce the anxiety created by a death scene.

Call Ed Evans. Sometimes horrific suicides come at us like a crashing train. Once we recover from its violence, we're left pondering, "what now?". How else might we expect one to feel following a friend or family member's suicide?


Ed Evans Suicide Cleanup Business

"A long-time friend called me one day and said, "Ed Evans," how in the world did you get into the biohazard cleanup business? After all the things you've done, I would never have expected this turn to a biohazard cleanup business."

"Paul, it's not about money, only, and it's not about easy work, there's something here about making blood cleanup safe and less threatening for everyone. I think trauma cleanup should be taught from grade school through high school. I believe the same about parenting course work, too."

Ed Evans believes education in our early years becomes a stage for education to follow. So the more prepared students become before their formal education, the better their formal education serves them. Put another way, no child should feel intimidated, lost, or ashamed to read with their peers. Parents have a duty to prepare their children for a first day in school as a first day reading with peers.

This discussion takes us a long way from biohazard cleanup, but for Ed Evans, biohazard cleanup belongs in the first day of formal education like reading and parenting. Make it simple, make it successful, and take stress out of blood cleanup following traumatic injuries.

The emphasis on blood cleanup follows from our growing epidemic among HIV and Hepatitis C carriers. More, we may have more in store when it comes to bloodborne pathogens. Many infectious agents exist in our world, and many of these are just now beginning to appear. Before long our rainforests will be gone, and with them habitat for organisms best left alone. Some of these may find a way to survive and mutate as bloodborne pathogens among human hosts. "Science fiction," no, just common sense.

Ed Evans studies infectious wastes and will, before long, begin a business in medical waste pickup. Monetary concerns move this company into being as economic collapse grows throughout our great country. Ed Evans studies economics from time-to-time, and as a students, felt pleased when peers remarked, "Ask Ed Evans, he's studying political economy and reads everything he can."

No shock or surprise caught Ed Evans when the "bubble" burst and corporate news blamed homeowners who "should never have qualified" for a home. According to Ed Evans, the blame lies elsewhere. Bankers and banker's agents set the stage for our great real estate collapse and later, Wall Streets rise to a welfare industry.


Ed Evans is here to share what he knows. He's seen and cleaned many suicide scenes. He guarantees his work, not for 30 days, but for life. As a a self-employed suicide cleanup practitioner, his experience in suicide cleanup includes many different types of suicide cleanup challenges. Deserts, mountains, beaches, large inner-cities (Las Vegas and Reno too), multiple suicides, and murder r-suicides represent a few of his working situations. Did I mention boats?

With his skills, knowledge, and abilities in suicide cleanup, Ed Evans reflects a comfortable approach to death cleanup in general. Call for a quote. I'm rarely wrong. At least, I rarely lose money in my suicide cleanup business.

Suicide cleanup sometimes requires sealing parts of walls and floors. I use plenty of paper towels too. When I can, I use a vacuum. Many tools have a place in suicide cleanup.

Suicides bring violent and silent deaths when least expected. Suicide cleanup should begin soon after. Again, call what ever time for Ed Evans' suicide cleanup service in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

Ed Evans answers his telephone at all hours, all days. Homicide, suicide, unattended death, and other biohazardous events often require a professional cleaner. Call me for your cleaning needs and your cleaning needs will be met.

Visit "How Crime Scene Cleanup Works" if you have an interest in the corruption, cheating, stealing, lying, and manipulation involved with crime scene cleanup.

For persons under the age of 24 in the United States, suicide is the third leading cause of death. Many variables come into play in the suicides. There are various backers that may contribute to this problem. Lack of a solid family unit, lack of clear-cut goals, lack of self-esteem, lack of positive role models, and a breakdown of communication between peers and parents are just a few of the burdens faced by many of today's youth. Finding an answer to teenage suicide seems almost impossible at times. With their whole lives ahead of them, how do they come to a point of hopelessness and choose to kill themselves. We understand this behavior more easily in adults area for teenagers, there is much to be learned.


We are told that suicide in a family increases the risk of suicide by others as much as four times. Often the son of a suicidal father becomes at risk for suicide, and ironically, the means of suicide may be the same. Sometimes a father's behavior becomes an issue for a suicidal son. Below I briefly retrace the fault lines leading to a young man's suicide. Suicide cleanup did not take place on this suicide cleanup web site, for reasons to become more clear.

Trauma Cleanup as Told by Ed Evans

Unique qualities become apparent during trauma cleanup compared to biohazard cleanup or more general death cleanup. Maybe not always, but often enough, a trauma scene spreads blood far and wide, if not deeply.

my trauma cleanup experience often includes broken glass cuts following burglary attempts, assault victim stab wounds, and machinery entanglements.

Machinery entanglements often become death scenes because the survivor comes to his wounds in a hospital.

I cleaned a trauma factory scene in which a worker placed his arm to near a rotating, I wrote proved crucial in cool. It took me seven hours to disassemble the machine, disinfect, clean, disinfect, and neutralize all parts, of course materials were destroyed. This factory worker unluckily lost his left arm, but he could easily have lost his life had he not been able to pull lose from the machines The machine tore his arm off at his shoulder.


Another trauma scene involving concrete cutter who literally cut the court out from under his self. Actually, the floor was part of a stairwell inside of a new building, and for some reason part of the stairwell and to be redone concrete cutting machines weigh thousands of pounds. I had two years metal poles to great leverage enough to live the concrete cutting machine enough to clean under. This cleanup included hazardous material cleanup. In other words, gasoline and oil had mixed with blood under the machine and their machine.

Blood had mixed with moist concrete below the fallen stairwell area. This concrete I removed and allowed to dry outdoors and son. I then bleached it heavily, and then sealed it. This work alone took three hours. This one job for 11 hours to complete. At the end of this 11 hours I was exhausted beyond major.


Also, when it comes to crime scene cleanup, be sure to call for a fixed-price quote.

Be sure to visit Orange County Consumer Fraud for information related to local government corruption. If so inclined, you may also wish to visit Orange County Fraud for similar information. Orange County Suicide Cleanup contains some similar information. My Suicide Cleanup web site has quite a bit of narrative about suicide cleanup, and it will have more in the future. Las Vegas Biohazard Cleanup, like biohazard cleanup, has information of some interest to those new to suicide cleanup. Here's an Orange County biohazard cleanup web site if you need one.

page 2, number 8 on Sept. 18, 2010

What is crime?

At one time or another, Ed Evans has worked with those involved in criminal behavior for quite a few years. Over these years he came to believe these "criminal" types were no different than anyone else, but for their lack of control. Or, put another way, inability to defer immediate gratification. If readers get the idea that Ed Evans worked with drug addicted "criminals" for years, they hit it right. There's a problem with describing drug addicts as "criminals," and Ed Evans knows something about this problem, having lived and worked with drug addicts.

We believe that crimes are repugnant to all parts of our society. But this way of looking at crimes and criminal behavior goes too far. For the substantive criminal law, which is the written code that defines crimes and punishment of crimes, we find our dominant values, beliefs, and opinions of our dominant society -- the mainstream. In the case of drugs, we have a majority of people condemning drug abuse, but in some ways these same people abuse drugs like caffeine, alcohol, and so forth.

Finding a link between a crime and a criminal law came to Edwin Sutherland and Donald Cressey long ago. Here's what they wrote:

Criminal behavior is behavior in violations of the criminal law . . . It is not a crime unless it is prohibited by the criminal law which is defined conventionally as a body of specific rules regarding human conduct which have been promulgated by political authority, which apply uniformly to all members of the classes to which the rules refer, and which are enforced by punishment administered by the state.


This is an idealistic definition of applying criminal statutes to criminal behavior. Its backbone resides in the ideals of a population structured by attitudes, beliefs, and opinions held in common. These laws come into existence to control deviant behavior on a class basis in some ways. For example, burglary and robbery have their legal inscriptions noting punitive consequences, our Penal Code. Insider trading, corporate price-fixing, and embezzlement find these behaviors codified for punitive justice. We might note the lack of punitive consequences for county government employees involved in fraud against homicide and suicide victims' families, a subject dear to the heart of Ed Evans.

Social Harm

Social harm comes into play when considering crime. Whenever behavior becomes harmful to others it becomes codified as a criminal law. Without such measures the strong would indeed pounce on the weak. Although some behavior we call "deviant" may have moral or ethical issues, it need not constitute criminal behavior. We find this happening in marijuana users' life-styles. Where once their behavior was perfectly legal, it became illegal overnight. What happened?

What happened took place in our political arena. Politicians needed issues. Blacks and latinos smoked marijuana; therefore, it became a target to help gringo politicians use as an issues. Before long marijuana became illegal and tens-of-thousands of black and brown United States citizens were locked up. As a result, the United States has a greater percentage of its citizens behind bars then any other country.

Ecological Harm

Ed Evans says, "We need to look at ecological behaviors leading to great social harm for the present and future generations." Ed Evans uses one examples to make his point clear. Consider the reckless mining of Blue-finn Tuna and where it leads. Before long this beautiful animal and wonderful food resource will become extinct. Rather than back off and let it thrive as it should, humanity continues killing it off. Now it appears extinction is coming to this fish as planned by certain business deviants. They know that once this fish has vanished from our planet their warehouses storing remnants of this once healthy population becomes priceless.

So Ed Evans has an ecological awareness and wants others to have a similar awareness. Behaviors like destroying species-populations should carry a death penalty for those at the top of business enterprises in such cases, according to Ed Evans.

(See http://www.ocregister.com/news/casino-277896-cards-credit.html )

Alexandra Zavis of our Los Angeles Times reported two people died in Rosemead of a murder-suicide on January 6, 2010 at around 7:09 am. Both victims probably died by gunshot, but a Los Angeles coroner's investigation will need to be held, which is normal for apparent murder - suicides.

No mention of Los Angeles coroner corruption was made in the article. We'll never know if responsible parties for this murder-suicide reached the Internet or not.

This shooting took place after midnight in the 2600 block. A Sheriff's Deputy reported. A died of a gunshot wound, it appeared. The shooter, a man (of course) died shortly thereafter.

These victims were not married. As I've written elsewhere many times, guns in the presence of angry men translate into murder for many women. Will Los Angeles county ever get over its Six Gun Mystique?

I never heard about this murder-suicide until a month after it occurred.




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